Event technology

Seminars, conferences and corporate events which feature presentations in various media can need a range of tools that the customer does not have available to them. We supply what is needed according to the event specifications. We have been managing the technology of events for many years and are happy to help provide the best technical solution.

Typical equipment needed can include projectors or LED screens, sound systems with radio microphones, computers and lighting. Each event is quoted according to its own specifications.

Sound systems we use for events include EV/FBT/DB Technologies and Celestion. Active monitors are supplied according to need. Mixers by Yamaha, Mackie, Soundcraft and PreSonus.
Projectors can range from 3000 lumens to over 20 000 lumens depending upon the needs of the occasion. For most events with around 100 people we find that often a 5000 lumens projector is the right choice.
Microphones: We run Sennheiser and AKG radio microphones and lapel microphones and a variety of other microphones according to event need.
Basic stage/platform lighting is available according to the event needs.

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