Sound systems and lighting

Every week we have sound systems working somewhere - whether for a music performance, a party or a conference. We can provide systems suitable for small and large events - complete with engineer to set up, run and dismantle the equipment after the event.

What we do:

  • Work out what systems - sound and/or light you need for the event
  • Deal with the venue, access, assembly, operation and dismantling of the equipment
  • Supply the right microphones and direct connectors for presentations or performances
  • Supply backline equipment where suited to your purpose
  • Set up the system and sound check/test before the event/performance
  • Monitor, mix and adjust the sound during the event/performance to get the best results
  • Remove all the equipment after the event

Prices can start from around 300 euros plus tax depending on the system required, time needs and location. The services are priced very competitively and we quote the cost for each event in advance based on your agreed needs.

Systems we run:

  • FBT / EV / DB Technologies / Celestion  -  from 1kW to over 10kW - full range and head/sub systems with active monitors

  • Microphones: Sennheiser, Shure, AKG etc.

  • DI Boxes: Radial Engineering / Millenium etc.

  • Mixers: Yamaha, Mackie, Soundcraft, PreSonus etc.

  • Stands and cabling as required.

  • Lighting - up to 12 stand based 300 w parcans and similar in LED units plus basic controllers.

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